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Body Alignment Technique

What is Body Alignment?

Body Alignment Technique is a vibrational healing technique that identifies and locates energy blockages and imbalances in the body.  These blockages are caused by past emotional experiences, trauma, stress, shock etc. that become subconsciously locked into and stored in our bodies at a deep cellular level.  They become encoded into our biological systems.  Imbalances are generally initiated in the subtle bodies, emotional, mental or spiritual, which may then manifest much later in the physical body as fatigue, disease or pain.

Although Body Alignment is a vibrational system of healing, not a mechanical one, when the blockage is cleared in the energetic field, profound changes can take place in the physical body.  All life is energy.  When the flow of energy in the body is blocked or restricted that is when the physical symptoms occur.

Emotional stress is accumulated and is stored in the body.  Each emotional pattern as a resonant connection with a specific part of the body. E.g. anger is stored in the liver according to Chinese medicine.

How does Body Alignment work?

Body Alignment Technique is a simple yet powerful vibrational system treating the body as a whole, locating and accessing the blockages by using a simple system based on working with the energy field of the client.  Healing works by priority, which is indicated by the higher self/bio computer.  We find the priority point and other parts and pointes involved in the blockage, the emotions and time frame we then touch all the points on the body and put them into the bio computer.  In other words we are putting the "Issue back into the tissue".  Taking the client back to the time of the incident we then release the blockage and after the client has connected with the issue we re-balance the body.  The healing will occur on a cellular level.  The client usually feels clearer, lighter, happier etc.

The western approach has been one of attempting to fix the symptom which if the effect of the problem.  Body Alignment is to identify and correct the cause of the imbalance on an energetic level, which consequently has an immediate and direct effect on the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

What can Body Alignment do?

The physical structure, meridians and chakras
Suppressed emotions, stress and depression
Self-confidence and vitality and self-empowerment
The immune system, digestion and assimilation
Pain and fatigue
Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

Body Alignment can benefit people suffering from:

Mental Problems
Emotional Problems
Hormonal Problems
Candida Skin Allergies Dyslexia
Weight Problems And many more.....  

Life Alignment

Do you feel stuck or unsure of where to go in your life? Are you at a cross roads and don't know which way to turn? Life Alignment can help you to release the blockages which are stopping you from moving forward.  It can help you to clear the obstacles and shows you the way so that you can reach your full potential on your life's path.

It can also help you to fulfil your destiny and hearts desire.  It is a profound and life changing experience, bring transformation and clarity for change to manifest in your life.


What is stopping you from manifesting what you want in life? A loving relationship, a new home, a better job, abundance etc. etc.  Body Alignment Technique can help you to release the blockages that are stopping you from manifesting your dream and what is important to you in your life.

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